The link below will allow you to view your account history for the current year.  A user ID and PASSWORD are required for account Inquiry.

Access is limited to pre-authorized users only. Access abuse is logged. If you do not know your access credentials, you can obtain your USER ID and PASSWORD by clicking on this link and following the prompts or by calling our office at 360-426-4855.

NOTE - Account Inquiry link has changed as part of our software vendor's security enhancement program.  If accessing directly, please note the new web address and update your bookmarks accordingly.
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Account Inquiry

Changes to IRS reporting for 2016 require additional information (such as origination date and property address/description) to appear on year end statements.  While both NCCI and our software vendor have made a concerted effort to assure the accuracy of these statements, limited time and file information mean that some discrepancies may slip through.  PLEASE LET US KNOW if you discover any issues when your statement is received.